Meet one-on-one or as a couple to discuss any aspect of parenting from separation anxiety to faith formation. The sessions are designed to meet the needs of families with practical strategies for parents and their children. The initial consultation includes a copy of Raising Little Kids with Big Love or Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love.

“Becky has been a great mentor and friend over the past few years. She has helped guide me in my spiritual journey as well as been a sounding board for issues related to parenting and marriage. We've studied and prayed together, wrestled with issues and answered questions. Our time together has been invaluable to me.”  
- Mom of three daughters

“Thanks so much for putting me in touch with Becky Danielson. She and I had coffee and talked for two hours. She is smart and wonderful!” 
Mom of two sons

“Becky has been a godsend to our family. My husband and I have met together with her for advice and wisdom on parenting our twin 11-year old daughters. Each time, we both left feeling like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. As we all know, parenting is not for the faint at heart and Becky provided the objectiveness we needed with no judgment, only loving, encouraging and hopeful words.  Our daughters have met with Becky too. Every time they told us how much they enjoyed their time. She has given them practical and faith-based tools for whatever they might have on their minds. Now, they are meeting with Becky individually and I am so grateful to have her help as they enter their adolescent years. I highly recommend Becky – you will be so grateful and so at peace.” 
Parents of two daughters



Life changes can be challenging. Whether it’s the empty nest or a change in family dynamics, guidance is available in determining goals, mapping out options, and encouraging moms to find their God-given talents.

"I have known and worked with Becky Danielson for over 8 years. Our professional relationship has grown to be a true friendship built on trust and support. Without her continued encouragement and prayer I do not think I would have completed my last book. She remained steadfast in her guidance and reassurance of the work I was doing. She is an incredible mentor, educator, and friend."

- Megan Stone, Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc., Mom of two

"Recently I went through a big professional change. I knew it was going to challenge me on multiple levels and I wanted to do it in a God-honoring way. Working with Becky took away so much stress and emotion. She helped me delineate my goals and stick with them through one of the most vulnerable times of my life. Instead of worrying, I walked through the process with confidence thanks to Becky's expertise."

- Healthcare professional, Mom of two