10 Tips to Toss Out Worry, Chaos, and Confusion

“I’m anxious, all the time.”
“It’s hard to sleep at night. I worry about everything.”
“My heart pounds, my hands sweat, my stomach hurts. I’m so stressed out!”

Make a change in 2018!

Life can be hard, whether its an ill parent, a distant spouse, unruly kids or personal troubles. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle alone. Try these tips to relieve the anxiety of life, replacing it with peace, and even joy.

  1. Deep breathing works for on the spot anxiety relief. Breath in saying a peaceful word (peace, calm, Jesus). Exhale the problem you’re experiencing.
  2. If it’s commitments that are overwhelming you, make a list. Tackle one issue at a time. Check it off the list!
  3. Ask for help and delegate when you can. You don’t have to be responsible for everything.
  4. Pray! Give the problem to God. He has much bigger shoulders and capabilities.
  5. Expect your prayers to be answered. Watch for the results.
  6. Unload your emotional burdens with a trusted friend.
  7. Begin each day with God in quiet prayer and reflection.
  8. Look for blessings. When you can find good, a better attitude will prevail.
  9. Listen to encouraging music.
  10. Rely on God’s Word, the Bible for peace and comfort. Download God’s Word… to Fill You with Peace and Calm, a resource to guide you through scripture to relieve stress.

Worry and chaos create angst and stress. God is with us, always. He’s present in the large and small aspects of our lives; leading and guiding. Rely on Him. Know He’s got you in the palm of His hand.

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